September 27, 2017


To help our clients achieve successful outcomes and enhance the value of their business, our consulting practice help you turn complex real estate leasing uses into opportunities for future growth and resilience. When your costs go down, you are able to invest more into your business. We want to help you grow by helping you renegotiate your lease on your property.

60 Minute Consultation
To better understand your objectives, we will provide a 60 Minute consultation to gather the necessary knowledge to achieve your real estate lease objectives.
1. Learn about your business products and/or services.
2. Discuss history with landlord and your lease experience with them.
3. Understand your lease objectives.
4. Review current lease and extension options.
5. Discuss proven methodologies to secure most favorable rate and terms on lease renewal.
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Renegotiate Service
Upon receipt, we will schedule a call to a conduct a more thorough and comprehensive review of your lease agreement and provide you with a plan of action to getting your lease renegotiated on YOUR TERMS:
1. Conduct a thorough review of your lease and extension options.
2. Create Leverage by securing alternative lease options.
3. Obtain Proposals and Concessions from alternative buildings.
4. Present to Landlord your Terms and Conditions to achieve the best lease agreement.
5. Congratulations! You secured best price & terms on your new lease.
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**This applies to 0-20,000 SF. On larger requirements of 20,001-50,000 SF is $3,500 and 50,001+ is $5,000 flat fee.


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