Lease Option Perils or Advantages

RenegotiateLease sees many leases negotiated in the favor of the landlord. One of the major pitfalls for uninformed tenants is Options. Unfortunately, it is often too late for us to help commercial property tenants who did not negotiate their lease options properly at the time of lease negotiation. Landlords see options favoring tenants and wish Read more about Lease Option Perils or Advantages[…]

The Dos and Don’t of Renegotiating an Expiring Lease

About two million U.S. businesses renegotiate a lease every year. Most tenants prefer to stay put in their current location, because moving is a not only a hassle, it is expensive, may inconvenience employees or cost a business an established clientele. Most business tenants don’t have the in-house expertise to renegotiate a lease renewal favorable Read more about The Dos and Don’t of Renegotiating an Expiring Lease[…]