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July 14, 2014

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Hire a commercial real estate renewal consultant.

Available on-demand to save you time and money.

Meet the Team


RenegotiateLease came to being with the vision of assisting tenants struggling to renew their commercial property lease with their Landlords.  The inspiration came when we realized how few real estate professionals specialized in assisting commercial property tenants with lease renegotiations.

Several successful lease renewal deliberations later, word quickly spread about our valuable service. The phone calls and requests came pouring in with leases coming up for renewal.  Within our first 6 months, over 30 tenants had sought out or service and expertise.

Today, our firm is the most innovative provider of highly specialized professional lease negotiation consulting services provided exclusively to commercial property tenants.

John Galaxidas


Your Tenancy is Valuable.
We Leverage it to Save You Money

Why RenegotiateLease?

RenegotiateLease is a commercial real estate consulting firm specializing in office, medical, industrial, retail and land lease renewals.  We take pride in only representing Tenants, never Landlords.  Whether you’re a corporation with multiple commercial leases or a single operator, we will fight for your interests to secure the best rate and lease terms on lease renewals.

Consulting with the Best!

In your 60 minute $250 initial consultation, we will learn your business, lease objectives and formulate the best strategy going forward. In the full Renegotiate Service, we will review your lease, determine the fair market renewal rental rate, create leverage by identifying alternative options, securing competitive proposals and commence negotiations with your landlord to save you thousands of dollars.

Retain a Lease Renewal Specialist

As a successful business person, you know when to hire a specialist, and renegotiating your commercial lease requires a proven expert.  Don’t believe your long standing relationship with your landlord will result in a lease prepared with your best interests in mind. The landlord holds “all of the cards” and is only looking out for his / her best interests. We’re unique because our knowledge extends beyond the “boiler plate” of lease agreements and we have insight into the current market rental rates and negotiable landlord concessions.

Take Action for Your Success

If you decide to retain our service, we prepare a consultation agreement, collect a onetime fee, and immediately begin a review of your lease, market rents, landlord concessions, and present you with relocation alternatives. With your consent, we contact the landlord and present the lease proposal which best meets your objectives.  We will work closely with your attorneys and other advisers in assuring the agreement meets your objectives.  It’s never too early to consult RengegotiateLease. In fact, knowledge is power and the earlier you consult us the better.



We achieve successful lease renewals for our clients which reduce overhead and increase their “bottom line”. When your costs go down, you are able to invest more into your business. We help you grow your business by renegotiating your lease.

60 Minute Consultation
To better understand your objectives, we will provide a 60 Minute consultation to gather the necessary knowledge to achieve your real estate lease objectives.
1. Learn about your business products and/or services.
2. Discuss history with landlord and your lease experience with them.
3. Understand your lease objectives.
4. Review current lease and extension options.
5. Discuss proven methodologies to secure most favorable rate and terms on lease renewal.
Make Payment Now
Renegotiate Service
Upon receipt, we will schedule a call to a conduct a more thorough and comprehensive review of your lease agreement and provide you with a plan of action to getting your lease renegotiated on YOUR TERMS:
1. Conduct a thorough review of your lease and extension options.
2. Create Leverage by securing alternative lease options.
3. Obtain Proposals and Concessions from alternative buildings.
4. Present to Landlord your Terms and Conditions to achieve the best lease agreement.
5. Congratulations! You secured best price & terms on your new lease.
Make Payment Now

**This applies to 0-20,000 SF. On requirements of 20,001-50,000 SF, the consulting fee is $3,500 and on 50,001 SF+ , the fee is $5,000.



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